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Episode 200 (January 25th 2012). Canadian Dimension Magazine, Alert Radio

Carlo Fanelli analyses what was accomplished at Toronto City Hall to limit the regressive measures introduced by Mayor Rob Ford and the shape of the battles still to come. Political scientist Dennis Pilon reflects on the history of municipal amalgamations that bring to power right-wing mayors like Rob Ford in Torontoand Larry O’Brien in Ottawa largely owing to votes from once independent outlying middle class and wealthy suburban communities that swamp the votes of those residing in the city proper. Political economist Sam Gindin unravels the European debt crisis and austerity agendas of governments everywhere and their impact on a stagnating global economy. He examines the limitations of resistance movements as they emerged in 2011 and suggests new strategies for 2012. Available at:


Audio: Selling the City: Rob Ford’s Toronto. Vancouver Cooperative Radio, CFRO 102.7FM

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has embarked on a program of widespread cuts to public services. Carlo Fanelli worked part-time for the city of Toronto for the past decade. He’s the author of a recent article titled Selling the City: Rob Ford’s Toronto. We spoke with him about the Rob Ford administration a year into its term. Vancouver Cooperative Radio, CFRO 102.7 FM. October 24. Interview available here: