York University:
◦ Labour Relations in Canada
◦ Law, Labour and the State
◦ Jobs, Unemployment and the Labour Market
◦ Labour and Globalization II

Ryerson University:
◦  Globalization & World Politics
◦  Candian Politics and Government
◦  Ontario Politics and Government
◦  Provincial Politics
◦  Politics of Work and Labour
◦  Global Political Economy
◦  Power, Hegemony, Domination
◦  Western Political Theory
◦  Colonialism and Imperialism

Athabasca University:
◦ Theories and Approaches to Political Economy
◦ Introduction to Labour Studies

Trent University:
◦  Ontario Since 1945: From ‘Common Good’ to ‘Common Sense’
◦ Canadian Political Economy/Canada: State, Society, Power