Upcoming Events


University of Holguin, with Western University, University of Toronto and Alternate Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research. April 26-28. Social Justice and Social Inequality. 


Lisbon University, School of Economics and Management, International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy. June 6-9. Precarity in the Nonprofit Employment Services Sector

◦  University of Calgary, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Urban Political Economy in John Tory’s Toronto. June 3rd.

◦ City Institute, York University. Sub/Urbanizing Austerity: Impacts and Alternatives. March 18th.


Centre for Social Innovation Annex: The Garage. Interns, Connect! A Forum on Upsetting Unpaid Work. Celebrating the publication of Interrogating Internships: Unpaid Work, Creative Industries, and Higher Education, a special issue of tripleC. http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/interns-connect-a-forum-on-upsetting-unpaid-work-tickets-18480286033

 Ryerson University. Labour Pains, Capital Gains: The Paradox of Low-Wage, No-Wage Work. March 27th.

 University of Holguin (Cuba), with Western University and University of Toronto. Cuba and Canada: Divergent Trends in Political Ecology and EconomyApril 25-27


 University of Holguin (Cuba), with Western University and University of Toronto. The Shifting Composition of Canadian Labour: Challenges and Opportunities. April 21-25

 Ryerson University. Alternate Routes: A Journal of Critical Social Research . Capitalism In the Classroom:  Neoliberalism, Education and Progressive Alternatives. April 4.

 Confronting Austerity: Labour’s Last Gasp or Comeback? Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee-Canadian Union of Public Employees. February 21-23.


 University of Milan, Italy. Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics. Public Services and Public Sector Collective Bargaining In an Era of Austerity: Canadian Experiences.  June 27-29.

◦ Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, California. Contesting the “new operational matrix for urban politics” in Toronto and Chicago: Public Sector Union Responses to Resurgent Neoliberalism (with Peter Brogan). April 9-13.


◦ University of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba. From Great Recession to Great Deception: Reimagining the Roots of the Crisis. X International Scientific Conference.  October 15-19.

◦ Wilfred Laurier University and the University of Waterloo. Congress 2012 of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Society for Socialist Studies. “Rethinking Class Unionism and the Struggle for Socialism.” May 26-June 2.

◦ York University, Historical Materialism 2012.  Canadian Austerity: Nothing To Brag About. May 11-13, 2012.

◦ University of Holguin, Cuba. Canada’s Great Recession. April 25-27.

◦ Ryerson University. The Global Economic Crisis and Canada: Perception Versus Reality. “What Great Recession?” March 23, 2012

◦ Pace University. Left Forum 2012: Occupy the System: Confronting Global Capitalism. “From Right-Wing Extremism to Renewing Working Class Politics: Opportunities and Challenges.” March 16-18.

◦ Université du Québec à Montréal . New Voice In Labour Studies 2012. “Rob Ford’s Toronto: Reactionary Neoliberalism Meets Right-Wing Populism.” March 2-3.

◦ Concordia University. Alternate Routes 2012 Book Launch: Uniting Struggles: Critical Social Research in Critical Times. “The Ottawa and Gatineau Museum Workers’ Strike: Precarious Employment and the Public Sector Squeeze.”  March 1.


◦ University of  Holguin(Cuba), with the University of Western Ontario and Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (Embassy of Canada in Cuba):  V International Seminar on Canadian Studies: Education, Identity, Culture. (April 25-27, 2011). “Uneven Austerity and Ontario’s Post-Secondary Education: The Case of Canada’s Capital[ist] University”.  (with James Meades).

◦ Pace University: Left Forum (Toward a Politics of solidarity) (18 March 2011). “Neoliberalism: Last Gasp or Comeback? ”


◦ Concordia University: Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Canadian  Sociological Association, Neoliberal Urbanization: Contested Spaces & Limits to Democracy (June 1, 2010). “Municipal Malaise: Neoliberal Urbanism & the Public Sector Squeeze”. (with Justin Paulson).

◦ McMaster University: Labourstart: (July 9-11, 2010). “Wither Neoliberalism? A Survey of Recent Trends in Ontario and British Columbia.” (with Chris Hurl).

◦ York University: New Voices In Labour Studies (October 15, 2010). “Renewing Working Class Politics: Marx’s & Engels’ Challenge to the Labour Movement.”


◦ Carleton University: Inside & Outside Latin America and the Caribbean. (February 27, 2009). “Cuba and Climate Change: The Little Island that Could.”

◦ Carleton University: World(s) In Transition: Perceptions & Interpretations (March 5/6, 2009). “Ecological Musings: Beyond Market-based Solutions for Market-based Problems.”

◦ Carleton University: Continuity & Change: New Possibilities? (March 12, 2009). “Marx’s and Engels’ Ecological Thought.”

◦ University of Guelph. Engage: Rethink, Research, Rediscover (March 6/7, 2009).  “Ecology, Markets and Techno-Centrism.”

◦ Simon Fraser University. The City: Culture, Society & Technology (November 6, 2009). “Post-Industrial Toronto & the New Urban Economy.”


◦ University of Guelph. Engage: Research. Understanding. Innovation. Change.” (March7- 8, 2008).  “Roll With It or Get Rolled Over: American Military Superiority in a World of Nation-States.”

◦ York University. 9th Annual York Sociology Graduate Conference.  (April 13, 2008).  “The End of the Nation-State? Why National Political and Economic Policies Are Still Important Today.”

◦ York University. Great Lakes Radical Political Economy Conference (April, 19-20, 2008).  “Contested Terrain: Multi-National Corporations & Supra-National Organizations.”